Monday, 16 June 2014

5 minute reviews- Day 16 : Avon Supershock Gel liners in Aqua Pop and Khaki

One of my neighbours is an AVON lady and I just feel bad when she puts a catalogue on my door step. I ignore a lot of them but then sometimes I feel like I have to get something! 

A few catalogues ago, I got these two AVON supershock gel eyeliners. I already have the black one and a pewter (how surprising) one called Golden Fawn. 

This time I plumped for the supershock gel eyeliners in Aqua Pop and Khaki

Are they not stunning? They are so pigmented. The great thing about the AVON supershock gel eyeliners is that they are very soft and don't drag when you apply them, you can smudge them (if you're quick) but once they're set, that's it, they will not smudge, bleed etc. Brilliant stuff!

These are not on the website at the moment but keep an eye out as they pop up once in a while or see your AVON lady for the catalogue, pretty sure they're called representatives now.

Anyone else a fan of the supershock formula?


  1. I LOVE these eyeliners. They are seriously the best!

  2. Haha, aw, Gaelle, I hate feeling pressured to buy stuff :X I'm afraid for when there are like, nieces and nephews around (or my own children, I suppose). But at least these are beautiful! It's not like Girl Scout Cookies...hum. I wonder if there is a European equivalent, haha.

  3. I have the Avon Supershock in black and now I need the Aqua Pop and it's your fault Gaelle! ;) We have an Avon rep at work and she's always throwing books at me! x

  4. Wow!!! They look so pretty. Love the colors that you have picked. I have seen this but never thought of trying it without reading reviews about it. Now I guess I can try it out.

  5. I used to use the black ones intensively when we were still in the UK. They probably are THR beauty item I miss the most since we made the move. They are not available over here :-( .