Saturday, 27 August 2011

Pixiwoo make up course

Well, I have to be honest, I don't really know where to start with this one. I can start by saying that I am now officially a qualified make up artist!  

I came back from Norwich last night and it almost feels strange to be home, good strange but strange! This last week has been one of the best! 

I enjoyed it all, the make up, the girly chats, the absolutely gorgeous girls I met on the course and obviously being taught by Sam and Nic, who are not only extremely talented but amazingly genuine and generous women.

I have picked up a lot of new techniques, tips and tricks that were invaluable and I'm hoping I get to put them into practice soon. I need to practise the whole black eyeliner/red lip combo on other people ! 

I just thought I'd put up a few pictures of the looks that were created on me by some of the other girls. 

The bridal look

Contouring practice

Drag/creative make up

The classic look: black liner and red lips (no other make up there and frizzy hair eek)

The natural look

The period look (notice the hidden eyebrows and reduced lips!

The classic smokey eye

Nic, me and Sam

And as a quick update on Bioderma, the stuff has saved my skin this week. We applied and removed make up about three times a day, and I'm talking quite heavy make up here. My skin went really red and blotchy on the first day when I used a make up wipe on it and scrubbed. There was a bottle of Bioderma in the studio so I went for that and it was much gentler on my skin, no redness!!


  1. AMAZING!!

    I would loved to have done this course just could no way afford it :(

    Excellent and Wooo at MUA status! V jealous :))

  2. oh wow you are so lucky to have done their course! The smokey eye look is gorgeousss! and the period look did make me giggle hah x

  3. You lucky duck! That is so cool! That smokey eye looks hot!

  4. So so jealous. They are incredibly beautiful talented. Nic comes off so sweet, and Sam seems to have just the right amount of snark to her to make them a perfect complimentary team.

    Lisa Eldridge also recommends Bioderma. I want to try Bioderma so badly but I have no clue where to get it here in the states. Good to know their endorsement isn't for naught & the product really works! :D

  5. So cool that you did their course! I'd love to do it someday!

  6. Seems like you had a great time. I love Sam and Nic too xx

  7. Aww congrats hun. Sooo jealous you meeting Sam and Nik, looks fab x x

  8. Congrats lovely. Looks like you had so much fun. Im about to start a makeup course aswell but trying to find a good one in Ireland is like trying to get blood out of a stone, wish i had Sam and Nic near me. If you have any more tips like the Bioderma do let us know xx

  9. Peanut butter and jealous. Love the period look, it's lovely and quirky. (:

  10. Looks like you had lots of fun. Congratulations on the course. Was the course 1 week? How can I get more details on the course:) Would love to do one myself:)

  11. Thank you for your comments! I now feel slightly under pressure to do better FOTD posts! @Beautyshades: it was one week. The easiest thing would be to contact Sam or Nic via Twitter

  12. Ok. Thank you need to find their tweeter channel:)

  13. how fun! it looks so informative and fun. i love the bridal look on you.

  14. wow, good for you! I would have loved to come along, I bet it was great fun!

  15. Mon dieu mais AHHHHHHH ! La chance !!! Ca a du être incroyable de les voir en vrai, personnelement j'aurais été très intimidée !

    Ca a du être hyper formateur, les makeup sont magnifiques.

  16. I want to do this course so bad! I love all these looks on you the natural, red lips, bridal and smokey eye looks are amazing. You have such a nice eye colour too x

  17. @kellyyes: thank you!

    @Blusherine: It was really great fun

    @Cecily: Un peu intimidee au debut mais elles sont tellement sympas que c'est tres vite passé

    @Stacey: thank you, I wasn't sure about the red lip on me!